Shopping in Volendam

As a popular tourist attraction, Volendam has much to offer for shoppers. Volendam Shopping is not only a good way to pick up souvenirs, but also caters to more mainstream needs such as cosmetics and technology goods.


Although the back streets are best for more unusual items, Volendam’s Main Street has a wonderful souvenir shop which sells traditional Dutch wooden clogs from as little as €5 (around $7.50). The shop is immediately to your right as you enter the street from the end nearest the harbor, and accepts credit cards if you don’t have any Euros left.

Harbor Street itself contains many other types of souvenirs as well as postcards and stamps. The local post office is also located here, in case you want to send any large or bulky items home. This would also be a good idea if you buy any of the miniature porcelain dolls which are available in most shops. These are wonderful ways of remembering the villagers, as the dolls are dressed according to local customs. Just be careful with them, as they are very delicate.

If you visit the Volendam museum in the center of the village, there is also a shop just opposite the entrance which sells scale models of windmills. There are pre-assembled models available in the shop, but if you are a tourist, it makes much more sense to buy a flat-packed version, as it will fit in your bag more easily.


If you need some jewelry, or want to buy some for that special someone, the Biesterveld Diamond Centre is a must-see. Not only do they have reasonably priced jewelry, but if you want something exotic, they can design it for you. Customers are encouraged to take part in the process. You can select the diamonds for yourself, and watch them being polished and cut if necessary. Naturally, if you want to buy a tiara you may not be able to watch them make it there. But for smaller, more quickly-made items, this can be great fun.


Although cheese doesn’t travel well, it would be a shame not to stop at Henri Willig Cheese, as it is only a few doors down from the Diamond Centre. Not only does it offer a range of hard and smokey regional cheeses, but it also offers some softer French ones too. The cheese factory is particularly known for its brand of goat cheese. If you prefer to sample some local dairy produce, there are free sachets of honey mustard to go with it.