4 Tips to Survive the Weather in Volendam

When you visit the Netherlands, you have to count on rain on every single day of the year. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, it rains a lot in this country.

So these are our 4 tips to survive the weather in Volendam:

1. Check a reliable weather app before visiting

You definitely won’t regret downloading either the Buienradar or WeerOnline app. These apps show you when it will be raining or not. Check these apps before you leave to Volendam or when you want to cycle to a city nearby. This is a convenient way to avoid walking or biking in the rain (unless it rains all day, of course).

2. Buy a wind-proof umbrella

These umbrellas are not one of those cheap made-in-china ones, but they last for a long time and are made to protect you from rain and wind. Win-win!

3. Complain about the weather to start a conversation with a nice Dutchie

Do you see a nice looking Dutchie and you don’t know how to approach him or her? Start talking (e.g. complaining) about the weather! Dutchies are used to complain about the weather, so this is a perfect ice breaker to start a conversation 😉

4. Wear the right clothes that protect you from rain

In shops like Hema and Action you can buy cheap rain jackets and trousers, that you can wear over your normal clothes. This doesn’t look very appealing –  but hey, you won’t arrive completely soaked at your hotel in the evening.